Fuck the Mets

imgresI hate the Mets,  and I’m sure that since you’re reading this, you do too.  Somehow the mets have managed to yet again be awful, nowhere near relevant and still piss me off.  Take down Tim Hudson?  Check.  Jason Heyward?  Check.  Watch out Homer because Mr. Met’s probably comin’ for ya next.

So here we are without two of our top studs going in to the dreaded September, a month the Atlanta Braves would like to forget exists since 2005.  With a monstrous lead on the Nationals, I at least feel confident that even the Braves don’t have the cojones to blow that big of a lead in a month.  As I’m writing this, we literally just traded for Freddy Garcia, and thats the huge move that will make up for no Hudson come October 3rd.

But seriously, I actually like our rotation.  I don’t think anyone on this roster is scared to face off against a Kershaw or a Wainwright, and I love that.  Teheran has impressed me more than any other player on the Braves this year and I’m excited to see what he can do in the postseason.

UPDATE:  So, who else is kind of happy that Matt Harvey has gone down? Little payback for taking out our stars…

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