Bets on Bets on Bets

 My ahole of a co-worker is a big Phillies fan (ew), and prior to this season starting we  expected to be battling for last place and arguing about who was worse; Jim Johnson or  Jerome Williams.  We decided to say screw this and make things a little interesting for the  long baseball season ahead.

Of course I knew the Braves would be better than most analysts were saying, but did I  expect to be 3.5 games out of first come July? Nope.  I just knew and hoped that I could  take advantage of this dbag thinking the Braves would be horrific.

Naturally, we set out for the bar to come up with some solid bets.  Here is what we brewed up:

Season Series: $50 and a FREE bar tab

Currently this one is tied 3-3 with a big series coming up in the ATL over July 4th weekend. Murica bitches.  Braves got this one in the bag and I can’t wait to be celebrating come September with my free bar tab cuz the Phillies suck the big one and are literally one of the worst teams of all time.

Better Overall Attendance bet: 3 cases of Terrapin HI-5 IPA

This one was a little tough at the beginning when Braves fans didn’t show for a decimated roster full of guys the average baseball fan had probably forgotten about (Maybin, Eric Young Jr, Jason Grilli, etc.) Did I?  Absolutely not, but I can’t blame ’em.  Currently, the Phils and Bravos sit at 23rd and 24th respectively in attendance, which is pretty dang bad.  But oh well, all that matters is we beat the Phils and their shitty attendance.  Which we will.

The Braves have gained some ground the last week or so and are now only roughly 1k back (25,166 vs. 24,128) with 2 less games being played and 5 big home series coming up in a row. Love it.

September seems like a nice time to be chillin drankin some free Terrapin Cali IPA’s…hell any time is a good time for that. Maybe the Braves will even be fighting for a playoff spot??

World Series Winner: Free bar tab & winner gets to pick loser’s drinks

The final bet isn’t even really Braves related. We were just bored as crap at work and decided to do a fantasy draft of all the MLB teams to see who will pick the World Series winner.  Below are our bets (his in pink of course):



I’ts Been Too Damn Long and We Suck

Screenshot_2014-08-04-20-41-04As I live the high life out of this Falcons koozie, I realize A. high life is incredibly underrated and B. the Braves are pissing me the hell off.  Like who gets swept by a team named after a bunch of bizarre priests in the most american sport there is.

Has there ever been a more frustrating collection of players in recent Braves history?

No one seems to ever give a shit, especially our highest paid player, so why should I?  I’ve spent enough of my life going crazy for Braves teams that were actually fun to watch.  This team needs to prove their worth.  Beat an ace.  Hell, beat some rookie I’ve never heard of.  Get a hit with the bases loaded. Hell, get a hit with a man on first.  Stage some incredible comeback and show some fight – for god’s sake Freddy Garcia showed more in one start in the playoffs last year than we have all season.

I just got done reading some articles on what the Braves can do and how they can make the playoffs.  It’s pretty damn obvious don’t you think?  I used to be all for Fredi G, and honestly I still am.  It’s not like it’s his fault Chris Johnson forgot how to hit and BJ Upton might as well be a janitor.  But it IS his fault that he isn’t leading this team, he isn’t doing anything to fire up these guys like Chipper, Smoltz, McCann and Hudson used to do.  (Hey Freddie I’m also talking to you).  So, something needs to be done Fredi.

I’ve honestly been wanting to blog for a while now, and these beers and this team has got me to do it.

I tweeted it earlier, but if BJ is hitting leadoff again tomorrow or really in lineup at all, I don’t see any point in trading for Bonifacio.  Start the guy who’s hitting .280 and has speed, isn’t that what the Braves have been missing since, like, Rafael Furcal?

Regardless, I’m sure if you’re reading this you are either as buzzed and/or frustrated with this team as I am and have had it.  Suck it the hell up Atlanta, you better come to play this week.  I want a damn sweep of the Nats.



October Sucks, Time for Offseason!

Another year, another choke.  I didn’t write this sooner because it just seemed redundant since every article on the planet was about the Braves choking or Yasiel Puig.  But now that the god awful NLCS featuring 2 of my most hated NL teams is over, I felt like I could write this for ya’ll.

So, we choked the big one again by not releasing the Kimbrel when we probably should have.  Yeah, it’s easy to hate on Fredi G right now because of the decision to pitch a guy that was cut by the Astros not too long ago instead of literally the best pitcher on our roster.  But hey, remember his fantastic decision to start Freddy Garcia? #JustMakePitch

I was just as pissed as you were for not throwing Kimbrel for 2 innings but ya know what, we lived and died by the best bullpen in baseball and I can accept that.  Believe it or not, Carpenter was fantastic this year and he will most definitely be back in a Braves uniform with a chip on his shoulder.

Now, the Dodgers ate shit and the Cardinals are once again in the World Series.  Yay.  Offseason talk?  Yup.

Rumors are swirling about the Reds trading Brandon Phillips to us for $$, Dan Uggla, more $$, a top prospect and probably even some more $$.  While I’d love Brandon Phillips, (imagine that middle IF of Andrelton Simmons and Brandon Phillips…good lord), I’d rather see the Braves go a different route.

I’d like to see the Braves unload Uggla to another team, eat some serious dough (ala Derek Lowe), sign a veteran 2B that gets on base, and trade some prospects to the Rays for David Price.

We haven’t had a sure fire ace since Smoltz left, some argue Hudson (and I love him to death), but he’s never been absolutely dominant as a Brave.  The missing ace has killed us in the playoffs and September for the past 4 seasons and I can’t take it anymore.  My ideal pitching rotation come April wil be Price, Hudson, Minor, Teheran, Medlen.

I love the idea of bringing Huddy back for relatively cheap, and I just can’t count on Beachy.  Oh and THANK GOD Maholm’s gone.  Whew.

So, what do you think Braves Country?  Phillips or Price?  Bring Huddy Back?  Or should I just go back to drinkin the beer to my right?

Same Ol’ Same Ol’

drankin beerIf you follow me on tha Twitta, you know that last night started out for this guy just as every big Braves game does.  Oversized cup full of beer in hand, tomahawk to my right, and the Bravos on the flat screen.

The first inning was fantastic.  Turner Field was rocking, sounding a lot like Pittsburgh’s home field advantage in their Wild Card game.  Medlen had me fired up and I  was ready to proclaim our upset of the unbeatable Kershaw.

Then, the October Braves showed up.  Evan Gattis looked like he was trying out for the Marlins and suddenly Medlen couldn’t miss their bats.  I couldn’t help but feel like I had seen this game over and over before.

Once it was 4-0, I knew we were pretty much boned.  Kershaw’s stuff is just too good, and we just flat out suck with RISP.

So here we are hungover at work on a Friday morning with a must win tonight in Atlanta.  I fully expect the Ted to be packed and loud again, as I will be ready beer in hand for Minor to pitch the game of his life vs. Greinke.  Zack Greinke has never been that good of a pitcher on the road, so maybe the fans can get to him tonight.  If so, we have a legit chance to take game 2 and stay in this series.

I predict we come out swinging tonight and get a big win in front of the home crowd before heading to LA for two.  I just don’t see a 96 win team laying another egg and just rolling over come October, even if we are the Braves.  I think Heyward and McCann have big hits tonight and lead us to a win with Kimbrel slammin’ the door.

Braves win 5-4.  Is it 6PM yet?

BTW, those giant Freddie Freeman cups they gave out at the Ted are PRIME for drankinchoptober


8 years is a long freakin’ time.  I literally can’t even remember what I was doing in 2005, let alone the last time we won a playoff series…

poppin bottles bravesBut damn this division title feels good doesn’t it? After all the shit talking the Nationals have done over the past year, it feels incredible to be able to shut them up yet again and take back what was ours for so long.  Poppin’ my own very expensive bottle of Cook’s while watching the players and coaches go ballistic was amazing and well worth the long wait.  But really, this is only the first step.

The 2013 Atlanta Braves absolutely NEED home field advantage this year.  I can’t remember another Braves team in the past that’s needed it more than we do.  We’re a totally different team on the road and at home this season, which seems to have been an Atlanta team trend for some years now.

With home field advantage, I like our chances against any team in the league and I believe with a long home stand to finish the year (and my drunken attendance the final weekend), the Bravos will claim the #1 seed and take on the winner of the Pirates and Reds 1 game playoff.  Thank god we don’t have to play in that horseshit again.

If Medlen doesn’t start game 1 of the NLDS, I take my back my very popular yet semi controversial post on Fredi Gonzalez.  Kris is our only starter with playoff experience, has proven he’s able to win the big game, and has been by far our best pitcher down the stretch.  I think he’d step up in a big way in Game 1.  I like Mike Minor taking the hill at home in game 2 and Teheran game 3 to throw the lefty in the middle.

What do ya’ll think about our rotation come October, and how did you celebrate yesterday!?

Keep Calm and Fight On for @BravesQueen!

After a wildly successful couple of days here at, I decided to put the site to even better use than just saying Fredi Gonzalez deserves some serious praise.  Last night, I was bullshitting on Twitter while watching quite possibly the least entertaining NFL game of all time.  I was quickly made aware of a t-shirt that’s for sale on, a site that I remember used to sell some kick ass Chipper Jones tees during his final season.

I soon learned of @bravesqueen’s bout with breast cancer via @slmsolo, and the ‘PINK OUT’ t-shirt being sold on for $20 that not only looks awesome, but is donating money with every sale to help her “Keep Calm and Fight On.”

On 9/28 at the Ted, you can purchase this shirt for only $15 at the ‘PINK OUT’ tailgate.  That’s where I’ll be picking mine up that weekend when I’m in Atlanta drinking beers and watching the Braves & Falcons crush it.PINK OUT

I highly recommend heading on over to, taking a look at this shirt and helping out a seriously awesome cause.  Who doesn’t want some sweet pink Braves gear for a good cause?  Sounds like a win-win to me.

With only 10 more left to sell before they can print, we are so close to our goal for @bravesqueen! Get to Turner Field on 9/28 and help @chopshoptees attain their goal to get these bad boys printed!

Why Fredi Gonzalez Has Been Awesome in 2013

Fredi GonzalezRegardless of what anyone says, Fredi Gonzalez has done a phenomenal job managing the Braves in 2013.  Our 2 highest paid players, Dan Uggla and BJ Upton have had beyond atrocious seasons, and yet here we are a week or so away from winning the NL East for the first time in 8 seasons.  Fredi Gonzalez might be the most polarizing figure in the Braves clubhouse considering most fans call for his head every time he starts some dude named Elliot Johnson or puts BJ Upton back in the leadoff spot.

Look, there’s just no way a team should be this good when our top paid players have been this useless.  What happened to the Angels?  Yankees?  Phillies?  Success isn’t supposed to happen when guys you count on to carry a team don’t perform or horrifically break their ankles.  While some analysts think we wont show up come playoff time, I think Fredi Gonzalez knows exactly what he’s doing and is priming us for a playoff run.

Fredi’s had balls of steel this year and proven that he isn’t afraid to say enough is enough when it comes to the utter uselessness of Dan Uggla and BJ Upton and it has paid huge dividends.  Without all of this playing time, would Jordan Schafer had emerged as the OF he’s been this year?  Would Elliot Johnson make Braves fan’s take back their “WHO’s!?”

My only gripe on Fredi this season was his benching of Braves favorite Evan Gattis just as he was bear pawing his way through the NL.  But, Brian McCann deserved those starts and showed that he absolutely has some left in the tank.  Looking back on it, I love the move that Fredi made.  It has paved the way for a healthy, energized Gattis to lead us in the time of year that we usually fade from exhaustion.

Look at the bullpen.  Fredi has done an unbelievable job managing a rag tag team of previous nobodies (aside from Kimbrel of course), and made them the top relief core in the league.  When Venters and O’Flaherty went down we all panicked…except Fredi.

I doubt this blog will change the way you think of Fredi Gonzalez as our manager, but I urge you to judge him in a different light.  Stop comparing him to Bobby Cox.  He’s showed some serious balls this year with the 3384984 different lineups he’s used because of the hundreds of injuries and horrible slumps he’s had to deal with.

Get ready for an entertaining Choptober, Braves fans.  I have faith in Fredi.  Do you?

What the Hell Are We Going to do With Brian McCann?

brian mccannBrian McCann is quite possibly the most underrated Brave of my generation (I’m 24), and it’s nearing the time that Atlanta has to make a serious decision.  We’ve all drank and watched as BMac has gotten game winning hit after hit since 2005.  You remember his bomb off Roger Clemens in the NLDS, right?  Badass.

Last night he launched the only offensive production for us as we swept the Indians with a truly impressively pitched series.  Our offense has looked blah since JHey went down, ugh god damn Mets, but it’s become apparent that our pitching staff is a force to be reckoned with.

After this season, McCann is a free agent and if you’re a Braves fan you’ve known this for a while.  It’s cast a rather odd shaped shadow on the season.  What the hell do we do?  Like, seriously does anyone have a clue?  In May, I would have said let him go in free agency since Evan Gattis is unreal, but he’s fallen off the face of the earth thanks to Fredi’s inability to play him regularly.12490702

It’s become clear that McCann can’t last a whole season as a starting catcher anymore; his knees just can’t do it.  If we didn’t have one of the best 1B in the league in Freddie Freeman, I’d say resign him and move him to first occasionally (the logical switch for out of shape catchers).

But here we are staring at a Braves future without yet another important and long time Brave.  It’s freakin’ depressing.  But at the same time I don’t want to overpay for a catcher who can’t play a full season at full strength.  I predict he goes to the AL and DH’s with either the Yankees (kill me now) or the Rangers.  Either way, it’ll be tough to see the big guy go.

Why Beers & Braves?

beers and bravesBeer is the greatest thing on earth.  There can’t even be a conversation against that.  And what goes perfect with drinkin’ beers?  A boatload of wings, duh.  But what also goes hand in hand with a couple of tallboys?  The Atlanta Braves.

Drinking beers and watching the braves is a perfect combination.  When we win, you douse yourself in beer and celebrate.  When we choke (again) and lose?  You douse yourself in beer and sob.  It’s a win, win!

Beer is an Atlanta Braves fan’s best friend.  Just ask the fans at Turner Field last October 5thwhy beers and braves That’s what this site is dedicated to.  Pounding all types of beers, tomahawk choppin’, and watching our Braves kick some serious ass.

Oh, and be sure to follow us on twitter @beersandbraves and like us on facebook at!



Fuck the Mets

imgresI hate the Mets,  and I’m sure that since you’re reading this, you do too.  Somehow the mets have managed to yet again be awful, nowhere near relevant and still piss me off.  Take down Tim Hudson?  Check.  Jason Heyward?  Check.  Watch out Homer because Mr. Met’s probably comin’ for ya next.

So here we are without two of our top studs going in to the dreaded September, a month the Atlanta Braves would like to forget exists since 2005.  With a monstrous lead on the Nationals, I at least feel confident that even the Braves don’t have the cojones to blow that big of a lead in a month.  As I’m writing this, we literally just traded for Freddy Garcia, and thats the huge move that will make up for no Hudson come October 3rd.

But seriously, I actually like our rotation.  I don’t think anyone on this roster is scared to face off against a Kershaw or a Wainwright, and I love that.  Teheran has impressed me more than any other player on the Braves this year and I’m excited to see what he can do in the postseason.

UPDATE:  So, who else is kind of happy that Matt Harvey has gone down? Little payback for taking out our stars…